El mejor lienzo, el trazo más preciso del pincel, se obtienen con la verdadera paleta de colores.

Humility, hard work, respect and capacity for dialogue are concepts we don’t want to leave aside in Babalúvox.Equipo humano

Teams are responsible for successes or failures but learning from experience, the lines of the strokes they draw are increasingly straighter. Yet, any corporate strategy should take into consideration certain factors such as humility, effort, respect, dedication and capacity for dialogue. Concepts we, who support the Babalúvox structure, don’t want to leave aside, since if applied with honesty and professional precision will let us go far alongside our clients, providers and collaborators. Meet our team:

Juan Ignacio Borrego Vázquez. Active partner and Chief Executive. He is responsible for the business, artistic and final quality management. He was one of the first voice artists in Galicia (1982) and when just 18 years old he became the youngest dubbing director in Spain in 1985. In 1998, he tackled new professional challenges in business management – though he has never been far away from the dubbing business. He is a renowned professional with ample experience in business administration, commercial management, distribution networks and logistics and has worked for different companies in the telecommunications industry, the renewable energy sector, the software development field and the Internet business.

Guillermo Cedillo Barbeito. He read Business at the Universidad de A Coruña. A voice actor, he is also an entrepreneur and owns and runs several other companies including Show Production and Promotion, Events Organization, Children’s Party Planning, National Lotteries, Bets and Draws.

Marta Fernández Barros. A Graduate in Business Studies from the Universidad de León, she is responsible for the Production, Administration and Planning and Coordination departments. Marta is a highly qualified professional with wide experience in Production Development in Recording Studios.

José Manuel García Sánchez. Technical Director. A Sound Engineer, he studied in the Superior School of Image and Sound C.E.S in Madrid. He also is a musician.

The rest of our team is made up of electronic engineers, computer experts, sound technicians, production assistants, translators, text adapters and office workers. As for the artistic field, we have a wide group of highly qualified directors and voice actors ranging over a wide gamut of voices.